Evangelos D.
Software Engineer
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My story
Now that you got bamboozled by my irony, sarcasm, and creations, let's get serious. I am a young lad originally from Greece. Definitely not the whitest European you will meet. I was born in 2000 and grew up in a village, in a miserable community, I was verbally bullied in school, I was always the last choice, and my parents divorced aggresively while my country was entering a bad economical crisis. All of that caused me to get temporarily depressed, get close to obesity, and have no real friends till the age of 17.

As you can tell, my past was not that great. I have however gone past that. I learned how to code, I became a very reputable developer, I founded best selling products, and after much studying, I have entered the Cloud Computing industry with ideas that will help applications grow with minimal complexity. I am very philosophical, I like to research the cosmos in the smallest level, and define no excuses for my failures, but only learn and work smarter.

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